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The UK's Number one choice for everything ARONIA.
We are the first grower in England to establish a commercial Aronia berry plantation

What's happening on the farm this month?

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Wishing all our customers a very happy, relaxing and healthy Christmas.

Next year is the year that personal health and personal well being will be
accompanied by political change and economic uncertainty.............all
very challenging.

English Aronia juice will be available throughout the year to support you
during an exciting and fulfilling New Year.

FINALIST in the HorticultureWeek Awards for Business Innovation 2018
FoodTalk Silver award winner in the "CLEAN EATING" category 2017

It's time to start a healthy and balanced diet... make aronia berries part of your new life.

What are Aronia Berries?

Latin name: Aronia Melanocarpa
Family: Rosaceae
Native USA name: Black Chokeberry

Aronia berry plants originate in the North America and were introduced into Europe in the 1950's

Aronia plants are a hardy bush with green leaves that turn deep red in the Autumn, with white blossoms and round black juicy berries

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The UK's number one website for
everything Aronia.

As we introduce this super berry to the UK we intend to bring you new aronia products and ideas.

All of our aronia berries are grown and pressed at our plantation in north west Kent.

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What we offer you

Good information and helpful advice

Fast shipping of goods (in season) and an easy to use website

Excellent high quality products grown in the UK and produced in UK

Other aronia products sourced from within the E.U. and from the USA

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The very best ENGLISH Aronia berry juice that you can buy! An ideal addition to your healthy or vegetarian diet.
Please spread the word when ever you can!           ( NOT to be confused with the car called the 2018 Seat ARONA! )

Aronia berries UK is the first website in the UK dedicated to introducing you to ENGLISH aronia berries and their benefits. Easy and secure payment system using Paypal on our shop page when you buy our PREMIER ARONIA BERRY PRODUCTS.

"Thank you for your custom and support".

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